Elegant Technology Made Simple

Los Angeles Audio Video

Los Angeles Audio Video specializes in state of the art custom controlled lighting.  We partner with companies like Lutron, Vantage and Meljac to bring you world class design with easy to use on-wall and touch screen controls.  When combined with the Savant Home Automation System, it is simple to create a scene for every occasion.  Walk into your home and hit the “Welcome” scene to turn on all of the appropriate lights throughout the house, dim them down for movie time, and on your way out, simply press goodbye to turn them all off. 

Our controlled lighting systems are tailored specifically to the client.  Each individual light, lamp, chandelier or under-cabinet accent can be set with a simple slider on your phone or touch screen device.  Controlled lighting can also be managed remotely, making it easy to monitor which lights are on and off when you’re away, creating a smart energy efficient home.  We work hand in hand with your electrician, lighting and interior designers, and architects to make sure the end result is clean, elegant and simple to manage.

​Controlled Lighting