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When it comes to the custom installation industry, no other company has consistently received more recognition and accolades than Sonance and Dana Innovations.  Their state of the art Architecture series speakers offer the ultimate in aesthetic design and acoustic technology.  The flush mounted recessed speakers are matched to the size of most in-ceiling lighting cans, resulting in a clean elegant look without huge round speakers taking up you’re your overhead ceiling space.  Sonance also offers the Invisible Series which allows for the speakers to be completely hidden and unseen within the walls and ceilings. When planning a home theater or media room Sonance offers a wide range of in-wall speakers, and subwoofers providing fantastic audio with beautifully constructed design.

Sonance is also our go-to for high quality outdoor audio solutions.  The Sonarray Landscape series offers discrete design with fantastic audio range. They can be placed behind plants, trees, and work brilliantly with all major forms of landscape design. The Landscape series is the ultimate way to upgrade your back yard or outdoor entertaining area. 

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